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Reports - Oct 2005

Gallery of this visit can be found HERE

Dave and Clare set out from Northampton for their final Ring trip this year. They met up with Simon at his home in Milton Keynes and left the Astra for a nice weekend break. As the 944 was coming home, Simon and Floyd were kind enough to offer a lift.

The first stage of the journey was to Thurrock services where Hollie was being delivered to her Nan. She wouldn't be joining the gang on this trip as what with tyres and beer, there wouldn't be enough room for her on the way home. On our journey down the M1, we were joined by a fellow Scooby owner who Floyd actually mistook for Simon's car! The driver later admitted on Scoobynet that he wished he was coming too!

The trip down to the tunnel was uneventful, but when we arrived, we learnt of an hour delay. Bummer. The gang filled the time by having lunch and reading the papers. Floyd acted like a typical Scooby owner and HAD to get the bonnet up in the car park!


Eventually got on the train - one earlier than we were supposed to have been on - and headed on our way. On a nice quiet piece of Belgian motorway, Floyd thought it would be a good idea to test out his top speed. However, both he and Dave had a brown trouser moment when a dip in the road came from nowhere and caught them both off-guard.

Arrival at a very quiet Eddies was just in time to get some dinner at La Fontana. On the way, the gang passed Karl's house and Clare decided it would be a good idea to get Sunny to remember her. Unfortunately he did not and after a lot of barking, Claire received an apology for waking the whole street up. Dinner was good as usual and then a taxi back to Eddie's - we'd had a long day!



Pax laps were shared around. Clare went out with Floyd for a nice hot lap. Coming out of Karrousel, he noticed a Ferrari quite close behind. Floyd managed to keep him off his tail, but approaching Hohe Acht, the Ferrari had gained and was now right up his backside! The corner was taken too fast and a split second decision was made by Floyd to go up the kerb and onto the grass. A huge BANG and both Clare and Floyd's hearts were in their mouths! Fortunately no damage was done, except a few minutes off their life-expectancy! Clare would get her revenge!

That evening, the gang ventured all the way across the road to the Giulia restaurant for a meal with Karl, Claire, Kim and Karin, as well as Jochen and Mark. Beer flowed well into the evening and the kids were allowed to stay up especially late, even on a school night!


Later opening of the track meant Dave could get his sticky rubber on while Clare took Floyd and Simon into Adenau for some retail therapy. Dave eventually got to the track at 3pm and met up with Mark in the car park, ready for some good laps.

Dave came across a rather interesting car in the car park and had to get some pictures. It was a Mosler MT 900 S which has the mission, 'Fastest production car for the track.' Don't know about that, but it's gorgeous!


Met up with a young guy - John - and his female passenger in a 15-year-old Honda CRX who had made the detour after visiting his father in Belgium. Clare took his passenger out for a lap in the 944 which she enjoyed immensely, while Floyd took John out in his Impreza. Clare then had a lap in John's car. He was going rather well considering this was his first trip, until something didn't feel right and he pulled over at Breidscheid for a quick inspection. John assured Clare that he would make it back to the car park which it did.

While talking about the problem with the car, Bren mentioned that Achim - of Ring-Mini fame - was breaking a CRX and may have the part required to fix it. A quick call by Bren and Achim appeared ready to tow the car and get it fixed. John later informed the Northloopers that it was a broken CV and Achim was able to repair it in under an hour and for the princely sum of 60 Euros! The Ring is a wonderful place, isn't it?

After a lap with Clare driving the 944, Dave put a rather serious proposal to her. Well, it had to happen in the car park of the Ring didn't it? Clare said yes and promptly asked where her very own 'ring' was. Dave said that she could choose it herself when they got back to Blighty.

The evening meal was at the Chinese restaurant in Adenau and again, Jochen and Mark joined the four staying at Eddie's. Jochen had been on numerous occasions, so it was left to him to choose the dishes to share. Clare and Dave announced their engagement and Clare was presented by the restaurant manager with a pretty bottle of plum liquer to take home, perhaps to be opened on the wedding night? Wonder how long that will keep for.........?


Few laps in the morning before going home, one of which found Clare giving Floyd a lap in the 944 and Dave in Simon's Impreza. This lap was promising to be a hot one, so Simon set his covert recording equipment to the 'on' position. Remember Clare's revenge from earlier? Well, it happened on this lap!

Kesselchen was taken flat out by Clare and the 944 was pulling away from the STi. (Floyd doesn't weigh much does he?) Just before the start of the long left-handers, Clare slipped into 4th gear and gave it some welly. Unfortunately, there was a flat-bed lorry doing about 30mph right on the line she was taking. Clare lifted in order to slow down but as it was a fast corner, the back end fishtailed as the lorry came closer. Luckily she managed to pull the back end into shape and continue the lap without damage. Phew, that was a close one!

The journey home beckoned and the tired foursome bid farewell to the Nordschleife for another year. Simon and Floyd were catching the return leg of their tunnels tickets and Dave and Clare were booked onto the SpeedFerries sailing from Boulogne - 20 miles further - so put the pedal to the metal to make it in time. Fortunately for them, the Belgian Police did not see them making very good progress through their territory. Unfortunately for Floyd, they did see him. The nice Policeman gave him a lift to the nearest cash machine and a fine of 175 Euros was levied.

Eventually, Dave and Clare arrived back at Simon's house to collect the Astra for the final stage of the journey. As soon as everyone was home, the ritual trawling of the internet started and pictures were found of all cars.



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