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Reports - New Year 2006/2007

27th Dec
The decision was made on the journey from Hereford to Andover, Penny (Emma’s sister) wanted to come to the ring with Gary, Emma and Charley. Ok so the 8am start was out the window. A detour to North London was required to pick up Penny’s passport and clothes.
28th Dec – Emma’s Birthday
4.30 am the alarm went off and everyone was up and ready for the off. 5am the first part of the journey started, up to Tufnell Park to get Penny’s gear and passport. From there it was time for the trip across London and down to Dover. Luckily the gods were with them and the trip went to plan. The speed ferries crossing was on time and after a good run they arrived at Bren’s for 6pm.
The beer was already flowing, the honesty system working well. Gary managed to put every one of his drinks onto Ross’s bill, something he was proud of.
11.30pm, fatigue set in and they called it a day.
29th Dec
After a welcome English breakfast Gary, Euan and Grant made their way to Zakspeed to meet Steve and Deborah. After being dressed in some stupid looking clothes they were ready for the off on the quad bikes. A quick run round the car park for practice and it was off onto the main road towards RR ready to ‘’lets off road’’. There was no snow on the ring so driving on the track was out of the question. After a couple of Ks and a couple of very hairy moments Deborah decided that quad biking wasn’t for her and spent the rest of the lap on the back of one of the instructor’s bikes. To say the quads were hairy would be the understatement of the year. Icy tracks, sheet ice roads and sheer drops made for some serious fun and brown trouser moments. Around 2 ½ hours later the guys and gals returned to Zakspeed, all deposits were returned, so no bad incidents had occurred. Gary suggested they probably travelled around 30-40kms.

Then it was time to hand the bikes over to the seasoned pros. Ross, Bren, Dale, Charley, Suz, Dave and Grant AGAIN. Within a few minutes Ross had been off track, into a tree and virtually down a ravine. Bren laughing like a drain had his moment a few minutes later. Quads don’t go round corners simply by leaning, you have to turn the handlebars too. The pace slowed slightly after those two incidents.

Gary and the others nipped to Adenau for some food, and then round to Karl’s to deliver the shopping and a quick beer. The plan was that they would go for a walk on the track then. However weather conditions determined otherwise. The outside was very icy and making headway too dangerous with little Charley along. So it was back to Sliders for a beer and video evening, with a meal at a local restaurant in the middle. Gary called it a night at around 11.30pm

30th Dec
G + E + P + C were up and out for around 10am after a hearty sliders breakfast. Cochem was the destination of their choice. On the journey the outside temperature gauge on the Mondeo began dropping and half way through the drive the roads had turned to sheet ice and the trees laden with ice. A very pretty picture indeed.
As usual Cochem didn’t disappoint. Penny was in high sprits having tried an extra strong brandy coffee. The guys took the time to visit the castle for the first time. They should really have taken the tour but time was against them so they moved on. They decided to drive a little further down the Mosel and look for a nice place to lunch. Penny chose the fitness salad, it sounded interesting. It was interesting alright, it was a bowl lettuce, walnuts, banana, apple, kiwi fruit and some kind of dressing. Very odd.
An apt place name was seen
How cute, (Charley, not Gary!)
Time was again against them as Gary had a pub to get to under Karl’s strict orders, now there was a surprise. 3.45pm and Gary and Karl were sampling the delights of Karls local. A stranger pub you could not encounter, Karl fits in very well. The land lady appeared to be drunker than the punters, giving away schnapps and beer at the drop of a hat. Gary was starting to enjoy himself
The next guy spent ten minutes explaining to Gary how he was in a prisoner of war camp in Stalingrad for 6 years. Ten minutes later he changed his mind and said he was only 9 years old at the time.
Gary and Karl left the pub a little worse for wear and headed back to Karls for something to eat. Gary wondered what was on the menu, but he needn’t have bothered worrying, it was Karl’s legendary and possibly ONLY meal
31st Dec
Bren was keen for everyone to bugger off out for the day so he could prepare for the nights activities. A trip to Altenahr and down the local wine growing region was decided upon. The first stop at Altenahr revealed an interesting menu
A great table decoration, which would be tried later in the day
From Altenahr they took a trip down the wine growing valley with a couple of stops for a glass of vino. That’s where the text from Karl arrived saying the track was open. Gary was keen to get back but the girls were enjoying themselves and Gary was out numbered. Gary called the office to see how long the track was open for and the reply was 1pm. The time was already 12.45pm so driving on the last day of the year was out of the window (Dale later confirmed that he got the final lap of 2006 in the Carlton with Charlie). Back to Adenau everyone was hungry, the Chinese was open so in they went. The owner immediately recognised Gary and starting asking if he wanted a level 10 dish. Anyone who has been in there with Gary will know what this means.
After the meal it was up to Brunchen for a walk on the track. They got as far as Karousel before they got tired and decided to back track. Time was also marching on and they got back to sliders around 4.30pm.
The evening started around 6pm, all lap tops were turned off.
By 7pm which was when the NYE fun began. The drinking started slowly and was building up when in walked Karl, Claire and the kids (who weren’t supposed to be coming). Karl obviously thought it was a fancy dress party
A shout from Bren told everyone it was time to start the party games, beginning with a Nordschleife based drinking one.
At the end of the game everyone had consumed around half a dozen shots of the cheapest engine cleaner known to man.
Time then went by in a blur with drink and more food than you could shake a stick at

Just before midnight the fireworks were being made ready. Gary knew this was the case as Ross was being manhandled in the other direction and Daisy was made to keep guard over him
Mid-night came and went and the fireworks began, to say Bren had bought a lot would be an understatement. Bren / Suz / Dale and Kamakaze Charlie were letting them off constantly for the next half hour and still there were loads left. As 1am approached the second load of fireworks were ignited to bring in the UK New Year


This about the time Euan decided the dance floor was too empty and decided to audition for Pam’s people It did .the trick though and others followed suit.

Euan decided that he would show off his break dancing prowess, no pictures of this though, neither is there one of suz flashing her top half. Sorry guys
More drinking games were played, this time in the form of shot roulette. Someone had to drink one with a shot of nasty schnapps + horse radish
By 2.30am Gary, Emma and Charley had just about had it and slopped off. Penny did likewise at 4pm, Euan was still going strong at 6am and Bren was still up at 8am when Wes and Lynne left for their journey back to the states

1st Jan
Gary was up and around at 10.30am. The dreaded hangover was nowhere to be seen so he decided to drive to the track and see if there was a chance of it being open. All the way the roads were fine but wet, until he got to Nurburg and then the dreaded ice could be seen in abundance. The gates at the ring were however open. One other car was in attendance a British Audi A3. Gary waited for a while and the ticket office opened, a good sign. He went and bought his JK and by the time that was done the track was open.
Gary got 5 laps in with the 205, he only saw one other car on track through all those laps. Next time keep an eye in your mirrors A3 man
After a spot of breaky Gary took Penny out for her first lap of the ring in the Mondeo. That was to be her last lap as she felt so ill after the lap they had to call it a day. One memorable point was the rain being so hard and the wind so strong that the windscreen wipers would not move on the run up to SX in the 205. A hairy moment indeed.
Back at Sliders there was just enough time to spruce up and have an hours rest before they were off again to Adenau for a NYD meal.

6.30pm Gary and Emma took Penny to the airport so she could catch her flight home, then back to Brens for the last couple of beers of the trip and chance to sit and relax.


2nd Jan
An early start at 7.30am for the journey back to good old blighty. They saw snow on the drive back, typical, bloody typical. Speed ferries were running a little late due to the stormy conditions but they still managed to get themselves back home by just gone 4pm.

A superb trip, loads of great memories, well organised, what more could you ask for?

Same time next year Bren?


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