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Reports - June 2005



After a nice flight from Gatwick we arrived at Ring Racing to collect our cars at 12 noon. We had already asked them to get our cars ready, but clearly thay had bigger fish to fry with some VLN cars to support.

Oh well, we could at least watch the VLN race and walked around PG taking pics and talking shit.

At 4pm we went back to ring racing to collect the cars.....still no one was about. 4.30pm came and went and a few cars started to appear, but none of the Kleen gang. Around 4:45 we spotted Uwe who promised our cars would be ready in 15 mins.

15 mins turned in to 45

My cars appeared first and appeared to start fine, and had none of the nasty vauxhall engine rattle from last month.

A quick trip to the apartment, to get rid of all the tools and rear seats/carpet from the car, put a litre of oil in and get some petrol.....and I made it to the track for 6.15. Although the roads leading up to it were jammed solid as the track was still not open. I think it finally opened around 6.30.

The first 2 laps I did were just stupid and we were already queing to get off the track!! Clare took the 3rd lap, which was a little clearer in terms of traffic. As the track was still open I hopped in to the drivers seat, with Jochen taking the passenger seat. This was a real nice lap where a 968 was following close behind, I was not sure if he wanted to over take or not, but I let him past around FP and stayed right on his bumper. At Kesselchen I kept in pinned and used the extra 50 bhp to its advantage and drove around him. He then stayed on my rear bumper for the rest of the lap. As we were slowing down along Dottinger Hohe, he pulled along side and gave the thumbs up. It's laps like this, that make me smile a lot, perfect

I thought this would be the last lap I completed as my clock was reading 7.27......wrong, the track was still open. Knowing I was one of the last cars to go out, I thought I would time a lap. In the end it was an 8:30 which was not bad considering there were a few hold ups and it always takes me a while before I am "in the zone".

The normal evening followed, food and beer


I was a little latter getting to the track as I wanted to set up my electronic moving image device to the bumper of my car. I managed to do one lap before the first closure of the day, a mini on its roof just after Wipperman.

After the closure I had a pretty interesting lap with a german registered Subaru, while I could stay right behind him easily, when he let me past, I certainly did not pull away, it was a pretty cool lap, and it was on video At the barriers I noticed some french clutter belonging to Gary, time for another lap on camera then

Then came another closure, Clare did a few laps and it was time for a bit to eat. After lunch Clare wanted to do some laps, so it was time for a tank of fuel and another litre of oil. Clare was keen that we videoed one laps of hers..only at some point I rewound the tape like a dumbass, and we recorded over part of the Subaru lap from earlier

I say recorded over part of the lap, as my rear suspension broke between SX and Amemberg. Luckily no harm was done to us, or the car. I thought the bolt had come lose as it had done before, but unfortunatel for us, the rear mounting point had broken completely. Bugger, weekend over.



Added to the problems Gary had, and Ross breaking his arm, there have been better weekends!

Still there was at least Beer and food and the company of friends to enjoy


Gary and Steve lent me their cars for 2 laps each, which I am very thanful for.

The track and car park was just so clear, I was a little bit annoyed that I did not have a car to drive.


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