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Reports - July 2005



Gary left work at 1pm Friday afternoon and along with 4 of his ‘virgin’ work colleagues started the long arduous trip to Germany. Not far along the way a potential M20 closure problem reared its ugly head. Luckily this didn’t affect the trip to Gillingham where they met up with Dave who had a similar length journey.

With the M20 problem still looming the two cars, 2005 boxter and civic type R continued on their way. The going was slow but they arrived in Dover just on time. Unfortunately the ferry didn’t, it was delayed for the best part of an hour so they had to wait it out.

Dave as always was doing mental calculations of times. It being Friday at some point in the proceedings he would HAVE to drink beer. This was not optional. It was looking like they wouldn’t arrive at the ‘ring’ until 1.30am, so a beer was still a possibility. The journey didn’t quiet go to plan and although several SMS messages to Euan showed the bar still open the guys just weren’t close enough.

2.40am saw the tired crew arrive and although they were too late to go for beer Dave hadn’t let that stop him having consumed 5 pints over the course of the journey.


The cars were collected from Ring Racing at around 9am leaving 3 hours for Dave’s broken suspension to be replaced. Quick work and a bit of bad language saw this finished in-time to get to Adenau for the VLN start. Gary nipped to Karl’s house on the way to drop off some bits and pieces he brought over only to be told by Claire that Karl was still in bed having been somewhat poorly the night before. What that actually meant was that Bren and Karl had both been sick in the pub the night before.

The guys started watching the race at Wehrseifen and moved around the circuit finishing up in and around Pflanzgarten. Watching full race cars being dragged off the circuit and unceremoniously dumped in the public car-park was somewhat amusing.

A late opening due to scrapping more VLN cars off the track than expect meant only 45 mins of track open time, but that was enough for a sighter lap and a pax lap in the Type R. All in all not a bad day at the track.

Saturday evening started with a beer at the Lindenhoff and ended in the Pistenklause drinking even more beer with Eaun, Espen, Tor Helge, Jochen and Mickel.
The walk up the hill to the Jung Stroof was a long one and consisted mostly of aiming and trying to walk.


Breakfast was duly consumed by Dave and the rest of the guys, Gary decided it was time to nip back to the room and visit the big white telephone. He explained his last pint of the evening had been a bad one !!

A trip to the track to see why it wasn’t open and who was using it found a multitude of old time exotica. To name a few 16 De lorean’s, around 10 GT40’s not convinced by the authenticity of some though, batwing CSL BMW, NSU race car, etc etc. It really was a sight for sore eyes. Back at the track for opening time and it was time for the fun to begin. Both the 205 and the 944 had busy days. They both had full passenger seats the whole day, fun in the most but every now and then its nice to have a quick solo lap. Tor Helge, Espen, Mickel all went in the 205 and enjoyed the experience. Dave was doing the same with the 944. Both agreed it was nice to now have a few return pax laps in their back pockets for later in the season.

As well as the more experienced passengers the guys also took out complete novices. The look on their faces when they exited the cars was great to see, a couple of them complaining bitterly of nausea.

Gary as usual was off talking to just about anyone, he also got some interesting pax laps. Being a TVR owner for 7 years in the past himself a trip in a new TVR T350 was a treat for him. He explained that the raw power of the car was impressive, but more so was the cars handling ability. A far cry from its older oversteer roots. How it will survive the test of time would have to be seen but for now it seemed a good quick ring car.

Dave had an interesting lap where Sabine in the ring taxi passed him on the entrance to Adenau Forst. She then proceeded to light the rear tyres up and drift the whole way through the complex, very impressive.

Gary had a short excursion to rescue Karl who had broken down on the road home. So for the second month running Gary found himself being dragged down the road by Karl’s Mondeo. He is now wondering if Karl has some kind of strange fetish.

All too quickly the track closure time came around. The day had been good, clear and pretty quite. A couple of short closures hadn’t spoiled the fun. The Porsche as usual had performed impeccably, Gary’s 205 was smoking more than normal pointing towards a valve seal problem which would need to be solved during its Winter engine rebuild.

More beer was drunk at the Lindenhoff before ending up with steak on the stone at Pistenklause and some nice conversations with Tor Helge, Espen and Mickel.


The trip home was quite quick an uneventful leaving Gary with a 6 week wait till his next trip and Dave having only 5 days to wait for his.

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