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Reports - April-May 2006

  Gallery of this visit can be found HERE


The weekend started with a 5am start for the journey down to the tunnel for Emma and Gary. A perfect crossing and drive to the Apartments saw them arrive in 7 hours door to door. The quickest time yet! The 205 was collected from Rene Arnoux and thankfully all of the jobs had been done and it was ready to rock and roll.

Up at the track Gary met a few friends and starting getting some laps in. The weather was perfect and the track almost totally clear. After an hour things took a turn for the worse with the 205 driver’s seat ripping a bolt out. A quick trip to Arno’s saw the car fixed in 5 mins and Gary back on track again. Gary picked Karl up from the Pig and he and Emma enjoyed a Pizza with Karl and his family.


This was a Castrol cup day, but Gary and Emma couldn’t be bothered to hang around and watch it so visited a pretty village called Kommern. On the way it SNOWED, can you believe it? A phone call from Dave and Clare revealed they had decided to make the trip over and were on their way with Hollie!

After Kommern, they went to the castle Burg Satzvey where they were lucky to find a medieval event going on. Watching a fire eater work in the snow is pretty impressive. A visit there is well recommended..


Back to the adenau for 3pm to watch some of the castrol cup, some interesting cars doing their stuff. Gary’s favourite being the quick tail happy Manta.


The track didn’t open until 7.10 by which time Gary had already given up and gone. As he thought, the track was only open for 10 minutes before it closed again as someone had been caught out in the wet. They were later to find out that someone was Jochen in his Alfa. A sad day for him.

Dave, Clare and Hollie arrived in time for a meal at Piston Klause with Nevetas, Maddog, Ed, Hammoc, Steve and guys from Piston Heads amongst others. The beer flowed and Gary and Emma called a halt at 2am. Well actually Emma called a halt, Gary would have been happy to carry on drinking.


Dave & Gary were up the track for 8.15am, the conditions were slightly damp but drying quickly. That made sure the guys had some nice early laps with the Clio and the 205. Gary had a nice lap following Ed in his 944 turbo, enjoying the view of 10 year old tyres scrabbling for grip. It’s a good job Ed is up to the job of driving sideways as he was doing enough of it.

Emma, Clare and Hollie arrived after breakfast.

Lots of cars were being turned away during the day for noise restrictions, so BE WARNED, they are having a clamp down. Gary witnessed a couple with nearly 120db readings!

Gary chased down a well driven British Scooby (take a bow Cookstar) and while in the car park later talking to Bren from Sliders, overheard an amusing conversation between two bikers. It went something like this …..
"Where have you been?"
‘’Out for a lap in that Scooby over there’’
"Was it any good?"
‘’Yeah f’ing excellent, but I’ll tell you what’’
‘’See that 205 over there that bloody thing past us like we were going backwards, the driver must be a lunatic’’

Gary nearly spat the coke out he was drinking. Bren introduced them to Gary and more pax laps were quickly arranged

The traditional lunchtime Pizza was taken at Christa’s with Hammoc & Steve.

Amongst the 9 pax laps Gary did he took a brit biker for a lap. The guy promptly changed his opinion on car drivers, he now thinks they are all lunatics. Time was then spent with Ed and Tor Leife admiring his CSL. It looks spectacular in Motorsport white with matching red and purple mirrors.

The track was extremely quiet. Gary met several people from Northloop and ScoobyNet, Palantine and friends in their Foresters, Dastardly and mutley, Mervil to name a few.

One eventful lap for Gary came soon after/ The track was bone dry, going flat through Fuchsrorhe at around 125mph. Bang take the curb on the left at around 100mph, start breaking for the right hand approach corner to Adenau Forst only to find that the corner was wet. Without indication an 80mph spin occurred with the car finally coming to a halt on the infield without hitting anything. No damage and no armco bill . Another warning, weather conditions can change dramatically on a single lap. 2Km’s on and the track was bone dry.

The weather changed to snow, Dave & Clare carried on lapping, Gary took the camera out for a while then gave up for the day.



The gang joined Karl and family for a lovely meal of Gammon and Cauliflower cheese washed down with copious amounts of alcohol. Karl gets better looking almost by the day, finishing up at 1am.


Dave and Gary back up to track to get in the early laps. First stoppage is a biker off at Weirshefen, a couple of broken bones but not too serious. There ensued the usual mad rush for everyone to go out when track reopened, Gary went out 2 mins later and found a biker on ground at T13. He spent some time helping the marshals sort things out. Not much later, another lengthy stoppage due to a British Corrado barrel rolling at SX. The driver was extremely lucky considering he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Plenty of time to talk to Simon Mully and other biker friends from Byrne Up. Gary took one of them for a pax lap, but didn’t have time to take the other who asked. Next time for sure.

Clare driving clio came upon an accident at kesselchen where the ring viper had hit a bike which it came across in the track. Clare was extremely lucky to avoid the incident with no damage. Testiment to Clare's undoubted driving skill or luck, we will never know, just glad things ended the way they did.

Dave, Clare and Hollie left mid afternoon to head back to the ferry.

Rain again during afternoon. Ed and Gary had a chat with a guy who owned a Lambo Gallardo and Ferrari F430 which had been lapping. He and his friends were there for the first time and asking for advice on lines. Ed went out with owner in the Ferrari 430 while Gary followed close behind in with his mate driving the Gallardo. The weather was awful, pouring rain and standing water....

Imagine if you will following one of the loudest most gorgeous sounding cars in current production and not being able to hear a damned thing as you are sat in a wailing V10 engined beast yourself...... The 430 was the hardest to drive as it’s rear wheel drive, (the owner only ever drives in RACE mode too). The back end was twitching like mad as Gary followed in the 4wd Gallardo about 20 yards behind. The acceleration was shattering, the car sounding like it was ready for a higher gear when there was still another even more inducing wail for the last 3000 revs......

The drivers were genuinely happy to have Gary and Ed in their cars, especially as they had been overtaken by a 205gti on the previous lap. At the end of the lap, which Gary didnt want to end he sheepishly offered to take the Lambo's pilot for a wet lap in the 205..... He eagerly agreed, insisting he had his picture taken with the car as he got in. The lap was pretty mild due to the weather but Gary’s new friend loved it shouting every 2 or 3 corners. Back in the car park he was animated as he re-traced our lap with his friends. They shook hands, exchanged e-mail addresses and went their separate ways. One of the best points of the weekend for sure.

The evening and a quick beer with Ed and Tor Liefe in the Pistenklause before a Chinese meal with Hammoc, Steve and Karl and family.


The Tuesday morning run back to the ferry was another successful affair, Gary and Emma arriving home in just over 7 hours.

A great weekend. Loads of beer. Great food with good friends, old acquaintances and new ones. A lap in a 500+bhp supercar, a fast scarey spin and fire eating no less to name but a few incidents.

Of course the crowning moment was getting Karl so drunk he couldn’t drive the next day, then repeating it the day after and the day after that again



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