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Ring Reports

Hollie, Dave and Clare camp and get wet.
Gary, Emma, Charley and Penny spend New Year with Bren at Sliders Guest House. A few beers were consumed!
We were trying camping for the first time, and it rained, lots!
It was hot, very hot and there was a Truck GP on.
Project breakenzeeeverything and hittenzeewall
Gary, Jonah and Simon have a memorable trip. not always for the right reasons.
Dave, Clare and Hollie meet up with loads of Northloopers for a great Bank Holiday trip.
Dave, Clare and Hollie make a last minute decision to join Emma and Gary, plus Chris and Steve at the Ring this weekend. Report by Gary
Gary joins newly addicted Jonah for the first trip of 2006.
Dave and Clare meet up with Simon and Floyd for their last trip of 2005, with a surprise proposal!
Gary's last trip of the year to bring the Pug home.
The gang's longest Ring trip so far! 8 days of Eifel tourism as well as some good evening laps. Weather was brilliant.
After the boys weekend, Clare felt left out. Dave made an excuse to have a meeting in Germany on the Monday, perfect for the Ring at the weekend!
Gary takes 4 of his 'Ring Virgin' work colleagues to sample the delights of the Eifel region. They all return to the UK safe and sound.
The Porsche's suspension broke on a lap when Clare was driving. It was her fault! Luckily we flew, so no need to get us home.
As the report is a bit sparse, we don't remember much about this one. Met up with Simon and Fergus in a Clio 182, and Chris and Steve in their respective cars.
First trip for the whole gang. Richard Hammond was doing some filming for Top Gear in a Transit van. The sight of him kept Clare happy. Dave got interviewed, but it was never shown.
The boys take their cars over and leave them there! But don't worry, they're in safe hands at Ring Racing.

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