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Silverstone Rally experience Gallery


As a reward for hitting a target at work, Clare's nice bosses decided to award her with a Rally Experience courtesy of Boots Plc. Having never done anything apart from track driving, Clare thought this would be a more exciting prospect than driving a Ferrari or Porsche round a track with an instructor telling her to slow down!

After a briefing, Clare had her first try out in the Peugeot 206 rally car and promptly spun on the first corner. Her excuse was she hadn't got used to the car, but after spinning a few more times, this excuse was wearing quite thin!

Then onto the handbrake turns. Tight corners were despatched in seconds as the back end was flung around and gravel and mud sprayed up the side of the car. This was fun!

After the teaching session the real fun began. The instructor told Clare to go around the track, but did not try to give too many instructions. This time she was on her own! Even more fun, more handbrake turns and displacement of water, mud and gravel.

The time was up far too quickly and now it was the instructor's turn to try and scare the willing students. Clare was unphased. Her only comments were, "he kept trying to scare me, but it wasn't happening"

Must be early on, nice clean car
Nice wheel angle there
"Pull the handbrake...... NOW!"
Please can I go round again?
Luckily Clare didn't have to clean it afterwards Just like a professional!
Where are the brakes again?
"I look a dick in this don't I?"

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